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Kennel Club - Kennel Club applauds microchipping consultation but rues missed opportunity to better protect public - 23rd April 12

Kennel Club - Changes to the UK's Pet Travel Scheme - 30th June 11

Kennel Club - Health tests added to Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme - 28th June 11

Dog showing: good form of education

Sign the Kennel Club's petition and support responsible dog breeding’s ‘World’s Biggest Puppy Party’ - Puppy Farm Awareness Day 2009

New Guinness World Record for the loudest bark in history

Kennel Club - Crufts 2009 will be Streamed Online - 23rd Feb 09

Kennel Club - Crufts Statement - 28th Oct 08

Kennel Club - The Kennel Club's Plans Following the Broadcast of Passionate Productions Programme - Pedigree Dogs Exposed - 11th Sep 08

Kennel Club - Questions about Pedigree dogs raised by the BBC Programme 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' - 11th Sep 08

Pet Owners Parliament - If you have something to say on the issues affecting domestic animals in the UK, the Pet Owners Parliament is for you. Whether your concerned about animal welfare laws, legislation affecting dogs or any other issue related to domestic pets, by becoming a member of the Pet Owners Parliament (P.O.P) you will have a chance to air your views, cast your votes and contribute toward a better future for pets and their owners.
Dangerous Dogs Act Breakthrough: RSPCA Back Calls For Immediate End to BSL - 7th January 09
Notting Hill Dogs ordered to be destroyed due to "clerical error" - 30th Sept 08
First Notting Hill dogs to go home - 19th Sept 08

Crufts - for all the latest news

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Wikipedia - List of Dog Breeds

The Kennel Club - latest news

The Irish Kennel Club - latest news

Belgian Shepherd Dogs & CC Status - Following The Kennel Club's announcement that Belgian Shepherd Dogs will revert to being registered as four separate varieties from January 1, 2000 the KC General Committee has given consideration to a number of issues resulting from this decision.

EU Regulation on the movement of pet animals

Kennel Club - Reciprocal Agreements on Judges Between the Kennel Club and the Kennel Clubs of Finalnd, Sweden and Norway - 30th Oct 08

Kennel Club - Recognised Breeds

New Green Star System for Ireland

Pet Travel Scheme - Bringing Pets to the UK

Quarantine in the UK

The BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme

About the British Veterinary Association (BVA)
Hip Dysplasia - A Guide for Dog Owners - Breed Mean Scores - Procedure Notes
Elbow Dysplasia - Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs - Procedure Notes
Eye Scheme - What is the Eye Scheme - List of Eye Panellists

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Adopt-a-Hound -Paula Harker

Arranging Breed Seminars - A Code of Best Practice for Running of Seminars

A mite coincidental? - Frank Jackson

Are you ready for the changes? - David Cavill

A secretary's lot is not a happy one! - A day in the life of a show secretary

Brief Insight into the British Show Scene - Chris Black

Chips down for pet passport - Nick Mays

Help Unwanted Pets Find Homes - Bonnie Jo Davis

Hip Dysplasia in Bernese Mountain Dogs - Dr Malcolm Willis

Hip Dysplasia in Border Collies - Dr Malcolm Willis

It's Not What You Know - Marleen Collins

Judging: always a thorny issue! - Juliette Cunliffe

Life and Death Through the Eyes of an unwanted bitch - Peter Hughes

News from America - Wanda Cable

News from New Zealand - Elizabeth Blake

One Man and His Kelpie - How Kelpies are becoming the Farmer's Best Friend

Planning a training programme - John Cree

Romy Fields - Zack's English Labradors
Has submitted the following articles:
Article for the magazine Labrador Newsletter
Dog Buyers
Download Critique in English - This outline can be used when writing a critique and was designed by Romy Fields (judge) It is suggested as a guide.
International Hip Score Comparison Table

Simple Steps to Success - Robert Killick

Something Special for Everybody - Sheila Alcock

So you wish to Judge? - Advice and Hints for Aspiring Judges

Summer's end in Sweden! - Harry Baxter

Swedish Statistics - Harry Baxter

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe - Position on dangerous dogs

The Siberian Husky – A Dog for all Seasons - Mick Brent

A Brief History of The Siberian Husky - Part One - Mick Brent

Training Weekend with Janet Bates - Penny Richards

UK Dog Law - Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 - The Dog Breeders Association

Understanding The Green Star System - Marleen Collins

Usual Suspects Show Up - Frank Jackson

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