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Images Services - Ultrasound Scanning Service - Ovulation Testing Service

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Pre-Mate Ovulation Cytology

The service is offered as a guide to achieving the optimum mating time during the bitch's season. It is in no way a guarantee that your bitch will become pregnant. It is, however, a most useful method of detecting cell change, during which time ovulation occurs.

It is not a blood test.

This is a series of vaginal swabs, which can be taken over a period of 5 to 10 days, depending on your bitch, and will determine the day in which the cells mature, and the increase in cell layers. From this information we can guide you as to the optimum mating times.

Included in this package are 3 sterile swabs and 1 sterile saline solution, and can be performed by appointment, or by postal service for your convenience.

In addition to the pre-mate, we provide bacteriology, from which we can advise if veterinary treatment would be beneficial.

Another useful service we can offer for the stud dog is a sperm test, to check for quality and mobility.

Prices August 11
Pre-mate Ovulation Package with bacteriology:
(with 3 sterile swabs and 1 sterile saline) Per Bitch Per Season
Postage service by guaranteed next day delivery:   £8.00
Sperm Test from semen provided:
(appointments only)

Written requests are required for postal service to include your name, address and contact telephone number, together with a cheque for the full amount including postage.

For more information on this invaluable service contact:

Tel: 0775 1099 868
Web Address:
E-Mail: Images


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